October 8, 2010

And we're off!

No.... it's not a race we're running.  

No.... it's not a bike seat we've fallen off of.  

Slim and I are off to Bruges, Belgium this weekend!

I was so excited when at work yesterday I got a phone call from my favorite Aussie telling me he had booked us a hotel and had "hired" a car for the weekend!

Life has been pretty hectic for us both with work and our never ending academic careers in full swing.  I'm also sure it won't get any less hectic as the holidays approach, we have some of our favorite people stop by, and we get ready for our big Christmas trip to the "Land Down Under".  

It's so great that amongst all this hecticness we will now have a "just the two of us" reprieve!  I find it amazing how your significant other sometimes knows just what you need without you saying a word. 

While I admit I am a bit nervous to experience for the first time Slim driving on the other side of the road than what he is used to, he's not nervous at all and has done it before.  This gives me confidence that his driving skills will overcome the driving mind backwardness and we will make it out alive and with lots of good memories  

(I also thank God it's not me who's the one driving on the "opposite" side of the road - those of you who know my amazing driving skills can only guess how that would probably turn out).

My excitement for this trip stems from my belief that travel should always be accompanied by new delicious or in some cases not so delicious foods.  It's a great way to get to know a culture.  This coupled with the fact that Slim really is my most favorite person to spend time with - so spending time with him in  a country that's famous for ooggles of chocolate, great beer, and fries (or chips as Slim refers to them as ;)) is a total dream come true!

I will post lots of photos when we get back - but for the next two days the only thing that will be posted up are Slim and I at pubs & chocolate shops.

Have a great weekend!


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