October 18, 2010

Auuhhh Gurken! :(


What I wouldn't give to have a big, fat, salty, cold, kosher, dill pickle to eat right now.

I love me some dill pickles.

I mean - I would probably pay somewhere in the vicinity of $10 U.S.D. if I found one in a big ole' jar in some convenient store that I could buy.  I would even eat one of those not so crispy, partially questionable, dill pickles in a bag if I found one.

All I can find here in Holland are Ah-nasty Augurken pickles.  The augurken pickles that are those little finger food ones my mom puts out around Christmas time - and I always absentmindedly end up eating thinking they are dill, and gagging on because they are sweet and not salty.

I scoured Albert Hein (the grocery store chain) for some dill pickles.  I thought maybe there is a "salty" pickle that's a gerken.  I knew from accidentally buying microwave popcorn that said "Zoet" that it meant "Sweet", and I wanted a "Zout" jar of pickles.

I didn't find one but I did find a jar that said "Zuur".  That sounded close enough to me. 
I just ate one and gagged.  Turns out "Zuur" means "Acid" in Dutch - nice. 

The jar also said:

"sappig, met een knapperige beet" (juicy, with a crunchy bite) 
 False - next to a dill these things were like sponge cake.

"Een calorie-arme snack" (a low calorie snack)
Alright, I'll give them this one.

Will I ever find a great dill treat here in the land of wooden clogs? 

Or will I be in a "pickle" until I travel back across the pond this winter?


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