October 26, 2010

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Bruges (Part 2 of 4)....

We've been busy!

Sorry for the blogging delay but Slim and I have been in a whirlwind of events and are just catching our breath - the whirlwind kicked off with the trip in Bruges.  Here are the quick and delicious deets of day two!

ZATERDAG in Dutch/Flemish

We started our morning off circa 11am hunting for a fine establishment to fill our bellies (Slim loves " to have a good sleep in" & so do I!).  We stumbled into Jan van Eyck Restaurant and Tea Room and were not at all disappointed!

I had the mussels and chips (fries), both were delicious. Slim went for the steamed sole in some really tasty white sauce.  The fish was cooked so perfectly that it melted right in your mouth!  Not to mention for 12 Euro's a a piece we got to start our lunch off with a warm, flavorful, cup of homemade carrot soup.
Of course we had to top off all the goodies with a Belgium beer.

Although the Belgium beer was definitely delicious, we both agreed as we were walking around the beautiful streets of Bruges that we needed a coffee to kick start our day and counteract our "dinner" from the night before.

We found a delicious coffee at a cafe you won't find on the Internet.  Cafe Brazila is located on Mallebergplaats 1, and served the best coffee either of us had tasted in Europe north of France!  
Slim got his favorite an "Espresso Machiato" - Espresso with a hit of hot milk.  
I got my latte doubled and made "Belgium style" with "slagroom" instead of milk.  
The owner told us his family does it's own roasting, and you better believe we bought a bag to bring home with us.  That prompted us to buy a new coffee maker as well. :)

After our relaxing coffee and brownie (see the post HERE) we set off on a sight seeing adventure.  Bruges is known as the "Venice of the North" for its canals and is a UNSECO world heritage site
(the whole city) because it has been preserved since mid evil times.

 We loved the murals on the inside of the Bruges’ City Hall (1376) which is one of the oldest in the Belgium.  Once inside we learned some really neat history about the political situation in Bruges and it's role as a port city. It cost only 2 Euros a piece for admission and an audio tour of the building.  
Although that said - the tour was very short.

Another neat find was a street side antique market.  Slim picked up some bottle openers that were really unique.  I found a sterling silver necklace for 10 Euros!  We saw some really wacky and very old items.

We spent the rest of the morning/early afternoon walking around, hands held, going into free admission churches and just soaking up all the "romanticism" of the city.

One of our favorite aesthetically pleasing churches  - the Church of Our Lady.


Look Slim! Is that an Australian didgeridoo on the street in Bruges?!

More to come about the rest of our trip in installment 3 of the B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Bruges series!


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