October 29, 2010

I have been initiated.

I have been formally initiated into Dutch culture. 

Last Saturday evening, following a great night of dancing and fun with our friends on Friday - Slim and I took one of our friends who crashed with us to the closest tram stop so she could make it back home.

Of course on our bike commute to the stop it was raining, per Dutch usual - but rain can't stop you in Holland or you would end up holed up in your house your entire life.  So clad in rain gear we set off - albeit a little hung over and worse for the wear.

The drop off went great, we said our goodbyes, gave our hugs, and Slim and I rode back home.   

Circa the beautiful church on the way home something not so great happened.  

Not seeing the exact lines of the several and crossing over one another tram tracks while in the rain, the fog of my own head, and the dark - my bike tire went into the groove between the tracks - and I went to turn my bike the other way.

Tram tracks

Unfortunately this meant I was gifted with a trip to the pavement - slow mo' style.  

Slim was a good boyfriend and helped me get my bike up as well as asked if I was OK.  I told him the thing that hurt worst was my pride (I later found out I also had a pretty sweet bruise and a swollen knee).

Later I realized that I was not the only bike riding victim that has succumbed to the wrath of the tram tracks.  One girl I talked to even had chipped her tooth, another got some sweet face road rash - I guess I was pretty dang lucky.

Will someone tell me why in a country where bikes are the main mode of transportation:

1) No one wears helmets (yes mom NO one!)
2) The tram track groves are the exact same size as a bike tire?



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