October 7, 2010

Only In Holland.

Every so often I will post a news story about the foreign country I'm visiting or living in, A story that I - someone who comes from a different culture - find totally crazy and kooky. 

These zanny news updates will be titled...

"Only In ---- (wherever the heck I am)."

Today's piece involves one of my favorite species of animals - the kitty cat.


Hunters Shoot Thousands of cats Every Year

Wednesday 06 October 2010

Hunters shoot between 8,000 and 13,000 feral cats dead every year, the Telegraaf reports on Wednesday. The paper bases its conclusions on information from the Dutch hunters association. Hunting domestic cats which have gone [semi] wild is legal in the Netherlands. But opponents say it is impossible to tell in advance if a cat is a pet or a stray.  

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No wonder I never see any strays running around the streets of Holland. 
Side Bar:   I wonder what the legal definition for "semi-wild" is?


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