October 6, 2010

The Rain in Spain falls Mostly in the Plain's

And the rain in Holland falls mostly everywhere, all the time.

I have never lived or visited a country where it rains more than it does in Holland.  I am not kidding it rains here 75 - 80% maybe more of the time.  Today was no exception.

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This is especially frustrating considering Slim and I, along with most everyone else who lives here uses bikes and not cars as our mode of transportation. 

Rain while you are walking, that's annoying - rain while you are riding a bike now that is just downright frustrating.

I have reverted to the "I don't even care what I look like" look and wear my bright red and yellow, body length, Gortex rain jacket to work every day.  If it's not on my body it's in the bookbag.  

After getting soaked  several times on his bike Slim just invested in a Burton snowboarding/rainjacket/outer shell at the Beaver (great name for an outdoor store right?!).  His coat is definitely way cooler then mine as far as rain jackets go - but who would have thought the woman from the land of transportation by cars and the man from the land where sunshine rules would have had to resort to this.  

Only in Holland.


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