October 2, 2010

Welcome to the Journey


I'm a veteran blogger who has through experience realized that sometimes the everyday things that occur in our lives are more hilarious than what a sitcom writer delivers to our televisions each week.

Especially if our lives are taking place in a different culture.

So, this is the often zany story of my life living, loving, working, or sometimes just traveling as an expat in different lands. You can call me Shera - even though that's not my true name, anominity leads to greater truths and more exciting story's.  My pseudo name also serves as homage to one of the baddest @$$ chicks ever (I've wanted to be her since I was 6 when my mom made me Shera arm bands for Halloween, armbands that I refused to take off in the following months - true story). 

The list of characters will change throughout but one re-occurring  cast member stumbling with me will be Slim the Aussie - my love.  Slim will help you all get a male Aussie perspective on the sometimes insanity of what it means to be an expat.

So welcome! I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy stumbling.


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