December 10, 2010

And........We're Back!

Slim and I took a little siesta the past month - a siesta with not a lot of "siesta'ing."

A siesta instead filled with the people we love, new places, delicious foodie experiences, and incredible memories. (More Details to Come)

But don't fret - we're back in action!

Just in time to keep you clued in on an upcoming trip to.....

Oz'/The Land Down Under/Slim's Motherland/Australia! 

The best part about this trip - spending time with Slim's beautiful and loving family/friends and it's summer in Australia, so sunshine also has to be added to that list.

Check out this weekend's weather "down under."


Weather for New South Wales, Australia

Current: Partly Cloudy
Wind: S at 34 km/h
Humidity: 83%
Partly Cloudy
29°C | 18°C
25°C | 17°C

(thats a high of 86 for all you F degree people)

That said - this Cleveland native (me) is actually for the first time since May appreciating the weather in Holland.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be 44 degrees F/8 degrees C in the land of wooden clogs and windmills!

Weather for The Netherlands

Current: Mostly Cloudy
Wind: W at 11 km/h
Humidity: 93%
Chance of Rain
8°C | 7°C
Chance of Rain
9°C | 6°C



Meanwhile, my friends in the land of the Red, White and Blue are digging out of a massive "white out" in Cleveland where it is -3 degrees C/ 26 degrees F.

Weather for Cleveland, OH

Current: Cloudy
Wind: SE at 18 km/h
Humidity: 61%
Snow Showers
2°C | -2°C
Mostly Cloudy
4°C | 0°C