April 27, 2011

Travel Make-Up Must Haves

When you travel space is a much needed & limitedly available item.

So I am always searching for ways to add an extra pair of shoes or save space for a take home goodie, especially on our weekend away "carry on" trips.

However, no matter what I decide to leave behind there are two make-up items that always make the cut.

1)  My NARS blush in "orgasm" (& blush brush) ($24.00 USD)

2) My Chanel lipstick in "Gabrielle" ($30.00 USD)

These are both great colors if you have a warm skin complexion.  

Slim bought the lipstick for me and it's one of the most useful presents I've ever gotten.  My beautiful friend Anna suggested the NARS blush, and I've been in love ever since.

The NARS blush is so subtle and shimmery, it really makes your cheeks look warm.  
The Gabrielle lipstick is a bold red, with lots of pigment - and is a tribute to Coco before she took the name Coco for business, and is a really classic red.  

Although both a bit pricy - it's worth it for these two items, you have to invest in the money maker & they last a really long time!

Blush and lipsticks are must haves - no matter where you are or what you are doing - on the go, running errands, a night out - they make you look alive and beautiful & are super easy/fast to apply.

When you travel you can just pack these two items & always look alive no matter how bad you are dying from the time change or hours of transit time.

Indulging in one quality color for both will be worth your investment I promise - and it will save room from having to pack other make-up items in your carry-on (which = more room to bring back wine!)


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