April 25, 2011

Don't Leave Home Without It - The Neck Support Pillow

Slim & I have put a lot of miles on our frequent flier and driver odometers over our lives.  

Throughout the miles &  trial and error we have discovered some "musts" of travel that we don't leave home without.

One is the U-Shaped Neck Support Pillow

If you are going on a trip - get one.

Car, plane or train - this gem is a life saver.

It lets you sleep comfortably no matter what position you are in - or what kind of space you have.

Personally - I like the temperpedic or "bean filled" varieties.  The blow up just doesn't do it for me on the comfort factor.  

If portability is what you're looking for - the pillow is small and can just "hook" on a luggage handle or backpack strap.  Most even come with "covers" so that you don't get glorious travel germs all over the place you are laying your pretty face on.

Here are a few suggestions

This Tempur-Pedic model is heaven - but a bit pricey at the $79.99 USD cost.

These are the types of pillows Slim & I use the micro-bean variety.
 Comfortable and reasonably priced at $9.99 USD
The one featured below is the Travelocity Version 

These Noodle Head pillows are adorable for little kids and a steal at only $9.99 USD

Happy Sleeps!


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