June 13, 2011

Daylight - Nightlight?

It's 10 p.m. in Holland and this is how dark it is outside.

Crazy!  Life in a northern town....at it's shortest the night here only lasts around 6 hours.

The super long days lead to later nights, earlier mornings, and insomnia - but they also lead to longer summer evening celebrations!  With such great Belgium beer so cheap - its a much appreciated gift of mother nature.

On the flip side you imagine how brutal it is making it through the winter here? Especially with 4:30pm sunsets and 80% of the days full of rain or snow. You have to get pretty creative to make it out alive and into March (including using sun lamps and wake up lights - no joke).  

Have any of you been to Alaska or another northern state where the evenings are even shorter? 

I would love to make it further up north to see the northern lights on a globetrotting venture.


Alix said...

northern lights are on my bucket list. seriously. also, thanks for the sweet note re: molly-dog. Much appreciated! xo

The Expatriate said...

Oh do I sense a roadtrip this winter? I am in if you are in! We can go to Denmark or how about Iceland?? Lets do it (I miss you can you tell?:))

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