June 21, 2011

European Style - Summer Scarfs

My sisters and I have a long affinity with scarfs.  

Warm woolen scarfs in the winter/fall and lightweight cotton scarfs in summer/spring.
Not to mention scarfs are a GREAT travel accessory! They serve not only to make you look cute, but as a sleeping mask/extra blanket on a plane, train or automobile.

Luckily the Dutch also have an affinity with scarfs and my stockpile helps in toning down my "sticking out like a sore thumb" Americanness while we are living in Holland.

It's never super hot in Holland (60-65 F degrees high temps in the middle of June) so a scarf makes for a good layer of subtle warmth, which can be much needed even in the summer if you are riding your bike (like a true Dutch woman) and it starts raining (which it often does).  Plus, they just look great.

In the summer, paired with a solid colored tank, lightweight tee, and a pair of jeans - a cotton scarf allows you to dress up a really comfortable relaxed outfit without suffocating from the heat.

Lightweight striped scarfs are a huge current trend on this side of the pond right now.  Considering how popular nautical themed pieces are in generally this season it makes sense.  The theme also seems to be really popular in Hollywood.

I am loving these stripped scarfs Jessica Alba and Hillary Duff are wearing.

One of my favorite ways wrap these long, rectangular types scarfs.

1)  Fold the scarf in half 
2) Hang the scarf over your neck with a loop on one side and the two ends on the other in the front of your body
3) Tuck the two loose ends in between the loop

Alternatively, I've been seeing a lot of "middle eastern"fringed square style scarfs hanging around the necks of Dutch women - and I love them. 

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Wrapping these types scarfs is really easy.  

1) Start by folding the scarf to look like a triangle.   
 2) Place the scarf so the two ends are hanging evenly down your back and the odd point of the scarf is pointing down, then wrap the pieces hanging down your back to your front - crossing in the back around and tuck into the front part.  
3) Loosen up the pieces   - the sloppier the better for this look.

 The uneven edges and change is colors/patterns create a really great pop for the eye.

Are you a visual learner?

For a good online step by step tutorial on how to wear scarfs check out one of my favorite websites - "Who, What, Wear"'s scarf tutorial.  

The first and second methods they present are my favorite ways to sport a scarf 
(it looks like Who, What, Wear also really loved Rianna's scarf!).

How do you wear your scarfs - any good reader tips/tutorials?


Megan said...

I'm a total scarf junkie! I have nearly 40 scarves (most are winter, however) and wear them every day I have the opportunity to! I have had trouble finding summer scarves to be honest...which sucks because they look super cute. I just prefer bigger scarves, not smaller ones...and everything seems to be the latter. I also wrap them all so different! This tutorial is super helpful!!!

Glad someone else shares the same passion for them as me <3

DeDee said...

It's true. I ALWAYS pack a scarf on a plane ride. It's the perfect pillow/blanket that also doubles as a fashion accessory.

I've also been obsessed with nautical colored scarves lately. Nothing puts me back into a tropical destination like wearing one!

The Expatriate said...

Aren't they great - Dee and Megan how do you guys wrap yours? I'm always looking for new ways to wrap mine (I wasn't really feeling the bow in the tutorial.

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