June 2, 2011

Funny Tasting Yogurt?

It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks - chock full of a law school graduation, moving cities, getting married, seeing family from the land down under, visiting chicago, my sister buying a house, and moving overseas.


Now onto studying for the bar exam for me and work for Slim in a land where Ik begrijp het niet (I don't understand) the language!  Although, I love being back with our expat friends who I missed so much.

Slim and I actually had something funny happen at the market last week.  I assume it is our welcome back to Holland gift.

An intro to the story - we have both been really on a healthy kick with Slim having a work out buddy/cycling to work and me back into my summer running schedule as well as being back with my Bikram yoga partner in crime.

In addition - inspired by the book:     French Women Don't Get Fat

I've lost about 20 pounds in 4 months - and it hasn't felt like I'm on a diet, just that I am looking at food in a different light.  I learned to really love, savor, and appreciate my body/life and the food I was consuming.  While some of the suggestions of the book are not my style - I totally recommend this book for the overall mind make over, and approach to eating for all you readers.

So back to the funny market happening - in that lifestyle and mindset change I've really grown to love natural, plain yogurt with berries and granola (museli) for breakfast.

It is delicious, fills you up for most of the day and is good for your body.  Slim has also always eaten yogurt as a substitute as desert (also a great idea).

Long story short right after arriving back in the land of wooden shoes we were in the supermarket looking for plain yogurt.  Although we have lived in Holland for a total of 2.5 years between the two of us  - neither of us can speak dutch.

We - using our less than capacity jet lagged brains - each picked out what looked to be a carton of plain yogurt, betting the other that we were individually right. ...... Oh we were soooo wrong.

Slim chose the Magere Kwark - which turned out to be a cheese curd that "tastes like yogurt" - close but no cigar, more like cottage cheese (eww).

I picked Roer - and we still have no idea of what it is (even after later in the week asking a nice teenager who worked at the groccery store).  Apparently "roer" in english means "rudder".  It smells and tastes like sour whole milk (I made Slim take one for the team on the taste after smelling it myself and gagging).

The next day I went to the store on a quest to really get my breakfast treat and realized that yogurt in Dutch is yoghurt - toche, toche.  

Apparently I still have a lot to learn about yoghurt in the Netherlands....


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