June 9, 2011

Half-Way Homemade - Mint Tea

This week is the unintentional "get your hot drink on" week on the blog.

First coffee and today - tea (I blame it on the heavy amount of studying going on for both Slim and I). I am a sugar and sweet addict.  One way I've learn to satisfy the cravings is by instead of having dessert after dinner, having a cup of fruity tea.  Recently I've added a new after dinner tea to my list - mint tea.

I first discovered mint tea when I moved to Holland, they drink it all the time to lift spirits on dreary days.  Why hadn't I gotten the memo on this oh so easy, and oh so delicious smelling type of hot drink on the other side of the pond?

Not to mention - mint is really good for digestion!  I may be behind the jump on this one, for all of you who already know the splendor of mint tea - but for those of you who don't here is the scoop.....

Mint Tea Ingredients:

1) A few "sprigs" of fresh mint (leaves, stems and all)
2) Water
3) A cup for your tea
**Mint is very easy to grow, or easy to buy in the grocery store :) **
Optional Add In's 
Honey, Sugar, A lemon slice

There are two ways you can make mint tea

The Hard Way
- Boil water in a large pot
- Place the mint sprigs in the pot (Amount varies on how minty you like your tea)
- Let it simmer for 3 - 6 minutes (Time varies depending on how minty you like it) at least until the water turns a bit of an off color (here you can throw in lemons if you like lemony mint tea).
- Figure out a way to strain the mint leaves out of the big pot without getting annoyed
- Figure out a way to pour the tea into your cup or a serving dish without getting the tea all over the place and all over yourself.

The Dutch Way
- Use an electric kettle to warm your water
**If you don't have an electric kettle - you are missing out!  They are great for quick water boiling for all sorts of things and really reasonable to purchase.  After living in Europe this has become one of my must have kitchen gadgets**
- Place full mint springs into your cup (2 - 3)
- Pour water over sprigs 
- Let seep and inhale the minty goodness as you look at the pretty leaves in your cup.

**Suggestion: The Dutch often use a clear tall drinking glass or clear glass mug 
for their mint tea so the drinker can see the beautiful leaves while he or she sips**

Dang That's Good Grade:  5 out of 5
Both methods result in delicious healthy tea that satisfies that oh so annoying sweet tooth ailment.  However, one method is a bit easier.  I am a half-homemade woman myself and  I tend to go with the easier method for all things kitchen related.  You braver souls may want to try the first method - it may also be better for those who want to serve it in large quantities  (if you do let me know how it turns out!).

The mint tea smells so good, tastes fresh, and is great on a cool summer or fall night to keep the mosquitoes (or as Slim says "mossies") away.  It's also a perfect reminder of life and warmth on a dreary rainy day.
The Dutch definitely got it right by incorporating this drink into their cafe menus!


Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I love mint tea too. I brew it for iced tea in water bottle every morning.

I was going to send you an email, but couldn't find it.......

Thanks for the man capri comment, however I AM DYING to hear your story. What this secretive color he was wearing. Do tell!!! I would love a 2nd posting. :) Please..................

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

PS - i can't get your follower option to work.

The Expatriate said...

Oh I bet it's great cold! How do you make it? The same way?

As embarrassing as it is I will follow up the color - haha. I don't know what happened to my followers for a few days there but it's back!

Love reading about your adventures in Germany:)

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