June 23, 2011

Healthy Globetrotting Habits - The Banana Spoon Trick

Staying healthy can be a challenge, this is especially true when you are globetrotting and doing a lot of "foreign food experiencing" (my favorite kind of experience).  One book I've mentioned before has really served as the light at the end of my healthy living struggle  is Mireille Guiliano 's -  French Women Don't Get Fat.

Mireille provides the basic tools in her book for a complete mental make over on approaching food.  Her tips, tricks, and recipes allow you to still eat chocolate, drink wine and most importantly feel satisfied and fulfilled with what you do consume. You do this by focusing on portion control, quality over quantity, and really slowing down and  experiencing your food every time you eat.

Although I don't follow everything she suggests (i could never and don't want to ever get through a leek soup detox), while reading her book I've adapted some habits that I really think helped me get to a healthy weight without feeling cheated or like I am restricting myself (I lost 20 lbs. over 4 months this spring & feel really good physically).

One behaviour is what I call the "banana spoon" trick - it's as simple as eating your banana with a spoon.

I know - it sounds weird but it is a great idea.  The rationale behind eating your banana is a spoon is that often we shovel, eat on the run, and quickly consume food during the day without really enjoying the food experience - the tastes, feels, and smells of what we are consuming.  Banana consumption for me is a frequent offender of each of these manners of munching.

Although a banana only has 135 calories - they should still be 135 calories that you really experience and enjoy.  As odd as it sounds I feel more full and satisfied if I eat my banana with a spoon than just pealing and biting right off the banana.

Although a banana is no substitute for chocolate (thats not even debatable) it almost feels like you are eating a little dessert when you slow down and experience your food, when instead you're eating a potassium loaded, fat/sodium/cholesterol free healthy snack!

Try it and I promise you'll go bananas for the trick. :)


Megan said...

this is such an important tip!!! i normally lose weight when i travel only because i walk SO much and in US obviously we have a habit of driving EVERYWHERE we go....BUT, i am sure on certain instances that will NOT be the case! i definitely need to watch my portion control. i def dont like bananas, but just with any food!!!

happy weekend <3

DeDee said...

reading this confuses my brain. can you give me lessons in August?

DeDee said...

(whoops. I meant to comment on the blog above. it's that cooking stuff that confuses me, not eating a banana with a spoon. you must think i'm an idiot. who gets confused by eating a banana with a spoon?)

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