June 16, 2011

Love and BBQ Pulled Pork is in the Air

Today is Slim and I's One-month wedding anniversary  - it's crazy how fast a month passes!

To celebrate I made him his favorite american dinna' (in Australian) - BBQ'd pulled pork.  I rounded it out with fresh slaw, corn on the cob, and a big ole' salad.

Slim had BBQ'd pulled pork for the first time this spring at a dive restaurant near our family's lake cottage.  He was actually frightened to go in the restaurant at first - but after his first bite he told us it fell in his "Top 5 Last Meals on Death Row List" and he eyed the rest of my sandwich while I finished. :)

The pork I made tonight was a quick and healthy twist on the really good, really involved, really delicious normal pulled pork recipe.  While it wasn't exactly the same  - it was pretty yummy, and much more realistic for working folk!  Interested in the recipe? Check it out through the link below.

  • Halved the vinegar and cinnamon in the sauce
  • Substituted honey for molasses (you can't find any here - other options brown sugar, real maple syrup, or corn syrup - I try to add honey to any and everything I can to help my allergies)
  • Added two extra cloves of garlic (4 total) and crushed not diced the garlic 
    •  I love garlic but hate dicing it - who wants stinky fingers? Not this lady.
Dang That's Good Grade: 4.5 out of 5

We are spending some quality time (spliced in with studying) so no delicious food photos tonight... But, I will give you some deliciously fun photos of our shoot gun civil ceremony (our big wedding to follow with more photos next year when all the Aussies, Expats, and Yanks we love are in one place)!

The Day of Our Big Day...
Via Jess S.
In the Court House...
Via Jess S.

Saying our Vows...
Via Jess S.

Kissing my Dad After...
Via Jess S.

 More Photos in the Court House...
Via Jess S.
We are excited to get to celebrate our big day twice! Thanks Jess S. from www.j3designz.com for your beautiful artistic work!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Beautiful photos! And pulled pork is in my top five list too!

Megan said...

gorgeous photos :-) you look beautiful!

and i will have to try this BBQ pulled pork recipe when i move to Norway. I grew up in VA, so pulled pork is a FAV!!!!

The Expatriate said...

Thanks ladies for the sweet words. Megan it is a total pain sometimes finding american stuff when you want a comfort home food in Europe - Im going to bring over some real deal BBQ sauce (and ranch dressing)

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