June 7, 2011

My cafe is bigger than your cafe...

I'm not talking about a shop - no I am talking about the bitter, delicious, get your morning going black stuff - coffee.

I love coffee, some-days its' the first thing I think about as I fight the urge to get up and snuggle in what Slim calls our "Dunna'". I like mine with cream, a big ole' cup of it - and I like to sip it really slow while I wake up (thank God for crest white strips).

However, on this side of the pond a cafe'/coffee isn't what I as an American typically think of as a filter drip cup of joe. No it is a much smaller, much stronger, cup of what we Amerikans call espresso.

Slim flat out will not drink American coffee - he says it makes him feel ill. However, he loves Euro cafe's so much that we are the proud owners of a pretty nice Quick (Italian brand) Espresso Machine. It's a money and a brain ability life saver in the mornings.

I do miss my American filter drip, but am happily content with espresso in the morning - the stuff is like diesel fuel. I have even found a really great independently owned coffee shop in town that sells nuttier, warmer blends (my favorite).

The coffee tastes much better than what you buy at the supermarket, and it is a minimal price difference (maybe 20 cents a lb). If you buy coffee or espresso and are having it ground for you at an independent shop, make sure you let them know what kind of machine you have - grinds come in different coarseness's and different densities. Bigger retailers usually differentiate between espresso and drip - it really does make a difference.

I just make sure I drink my morning brew in one of my favorite cups that Slim got me in Italy last summer, splash in some koffiemelk, allow a little water to run at the end. Then I sip it real slow. It's just like being home with my "Chicks Rule" coffee cup and a "tea consistency" cup of filter coffee with creamer.

For my American readers who share my love of the filter I highly recommend the coffee from this website - Fonseca Coffee.

My old roommate lived in Philidelphia and she introduced me to the beans - I've never looked back or elsewhere for my morning caffinee fix. For $8.50 a lb. and minimal shipping you can have yourself a fresh roasted bag of delicious coffee beans that really are a step above the rest delivered right to your doorstep.

Not only that the Company ships the day after receiving your order and proceeds help provide medical and material aid to the people of Central America.

My favorite? The Tanzanian Pea-berry - my roommate also loved the Ethiopian.

In fact, I love this coffee so much that when I reach 20 followers I will do a giveaway of a lb. of my favorite type of the delicious beans.

Fonnseca even has a espresso blend for those of you who are more European style inclined. ;)

How do you take your cafe?


Alix said...

totes feel you on the ill-inducing american drip coffee. blech. so jeally of your machine. what kind did you get and how did you choose?

The Expatriate said...

Al - first, I miss you. Second we have a Quick - we knew we wanted to spend a little bit - maybe midrange machine, but still good. So we started looking in classifieds for people leaving Holland while searching the store. Viola! The Quick was found and purchased - it's super easy to use as well.

(Except I tried steaming milk the day and almost gave myself 3rd degree burns thats mostly because outside making a cup of espresso I have no idea what I am doing).

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