June 11, 2011

Sweet Home Chicago - Globetrotting

As Slim and I globetrot I'll make sure to post on the blog the yay's and nay's of our traveling. One city that got all yay's was Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. - or as some refer to it as ... the Windy City.

After Slim & I's civil ceremony in May - we went with Slims parents for a quick two day trip to Chicago, one of my favorite cities on earth.  It was great spending time with some of my favorite people in one of my favorite cities.

Chicago is -  in my view - a cleaner, kinder, and easier city to navigate than NY (but maybe I am biased growing up so close to the windy city).

It was a quick two day trip, but was really great fun and a first for Slim's parents.  Slim's dad said he loved the city - even more than Paris, and he loves Paris ... Mon Dieu!

I just love the sights, sounds and eats - but more than anything I really love the eats :) (no surprise there)

We stayed at a great hotel the Hotel Sax, with a great rate I got from finding a deal as a subscriber to Travelzoo.com We both loved the decor - it was very funky but chic (I was scheming on how to get myself one of these rounded back chairs that were faux fur backed as an addition to our apartment in Holland).

The customer service was amazing as well - it's a great hotel to stay at if you are headed to the windy city.

We ate at two great Chi-town restaurants during our trip.

Carnivale for dinner with Slim's parents, my sister Wonder Woman and her boyfriend.  Carnivale is a South American fusion restaurant in the Upper Loop where neither my sister nor I have ever had a mediocre meal or drink!

I suggest getting any beef or pork dish - it will literally be so tender you can cut it with your fork.  Also - the guacamole, is amazing.  The best part?  Incredible value, considering quality for the price.

Photo via

Of course one can't leave Chicago without trying Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza.  We had both that and local Goose Island Beer at one of our favorite non-touristy pizza places  Lou Malnatis  (my mouth is literally watering looking at this 3 in., cheesy, gooey - pie of goodness).

Don't worry - for all of you who can't swing the Chi-town trip but have some dinner envy, Lou's delivers in the U.S. via their website!

We also explored the city by going shopping, checking out the bean in Millennium Park, grabbing a coffee, and just strolling.

 (Thanks Slim for most of these Pics <3)

Next trip - we are going to hit up my favorite neighborhoods - Lincoln Park, Bucktown, Wrigleyville and Wicker Park.  If you are ever in Chicago - you should check out each of these hoods - you'll find great shopping, vibes, and sights in all of the above.

What are your favorite eats, treats, sights and sounds in the Windy City?


Paris Pastry said...

Even more than Paris? Then it must be a great city! I've always wanted to visit Chicago. Hopefully next time when I'm in the States.

To answer your question on blog, I like to substitute fresh blueberries for dried fruits in scones. A little messier to work with, but tastes amazing! Or you can make them plain, always good as well.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I have never been to the windy city, but I hear it is a fabulous place to live and visit. Thanks for the virtual tour - great photos!


PS - I"m your newest follower ;)

The Expatriate said...

Hi Michelle!

I love it so much, there are also lots of places in your blog I want to see that's for sure. Can't wait to start the post card exchange. I'll also make sure to post about your great giveaway :)

Thanks for following!

The Expatriate said...

Paris P.

I think he just loves the amazing architecture and hearty, fresh, diverse food. Although nothing can compare with the pastries, delicacy combined with grandeur of the buildings, the history and rich food of Paris. I totally agree :) You should defiantly do a Chicago trip when you are back though - it's so reasonable and such a diverse city!

Thanks for the idea on the substitute, I am going to make them as a studying surprise this Saturday!. I love the recipes on your blog - mostly just drooling over your pictures.

DeDee said...

I love love love your blog. I also love that I am referred to as Wonder Woman...a name I will adopting in everyday life.

My favorite eats, treats, sights and sounds include...

Exploring street festivals in the summer....every weekend there are so many to choose from. You name it, we've got it. Retro? Yes. Ribs? Yes. Polish? Yes. Yum, yum, and yum.

Exploring new restaurants and old favorites in the winter. Izuro is a favorite hole in the wall Costa Rican restaurant that has plantains that make my mouth water.

Museums, museums, museums....I've spent way too many hours exploring the halls of Chicago's museums.

Taking a good book to promontory point and reading next to the lake. Amazing view and perfect place to relax.

The Expatriate said...

Thanks Dee and thanks for the great tips - I am going to have you share your travel expertise in the central american area of the globe!

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