June 5, 2011

Sweet Saturday on the North Sea

It was a beautiful Saturday here in the Netherlands.

Sunny - 76 degrees - a total rarity in rainy Holland.

After a lazy morning with some studying slipped in, Slim and I went on our first married date :)

First, we went to a ice cream parlor (roomijs)- & each had "2 bolen"( because the bolens  are much smaller here than at home!)  Then we strolled in the sunshine until we found one of our favorite Dutch bars that also serves food and got a coffee, beer and some good eats.  Slim had a fried red harring and I had herbed polenta with eggplant dipping sauce.  Slims dinner was great - fish is almost  always a good choice in a costal country.

 We came home and on a banana kick I decided to use my over ripe banana from the week and make some banana bread.  It's really great here because it cools down 15 - 20 degrees at night, so we don't sweat it out by using our oven in the evenings.

I used this great "1 Banana" recipe from the blog What a Crock

Half way through the recipe I realized we didn't have eggs!  So after scouring the internet - I decided to use a 1/4 cup of the left over can of pumpkin puree we had from our Expat Turkey Day.  I also added extra vanilla & cinnamon.  Slim helped me clean the bowl and approved before it went in the oven.

The bread turned out great - a little wet but still delicious, a great use for one last standing banana.  
So tasty with slices of roomboter.

Unfortunately, it also was a little flat because eggs are leavening agents (which I was missing) and I haven't found baking soda in the stores - so instead I used 4 times the powder 
(I will have to bring some soda over on the next trip).  

Maybe self rising flour would work instead?  
They have so many kinds of flour here -
it's always an adventure at the store figuring out what I need to bring home.

With the summer breeze & wafts of cinnamon floating around - our apartment really smells like home.

Dang That's Good Grade: 4 out of 5


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oooh that looks fantastic! I have bananas in my freezer waiting to become breads.

The Expatriate said...

I was so surprised I could make a whole loaf out of one banana!

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