June 1, 2011

Travel Decor is Home Decor

A home should reflect who you are - and what better way to do that then through your decor?

Slim & I's home is filled with photos of our loved ones (because we don't get to see them as nearly as much as we'd like to) and I've managed to sneak some prints in that reflect who we are and what we love.

Etsy has been a great portal for my travel print finds.

This cute "Life is Beautiful" mini-print adorns Slim & I's desk.

This print adorns our wall, right above our clothing hamper - and I think is a great expression of what we strive for in our lives.  It's also a great way to remember to live each day with passion.

Finally, I got this for Slim on our 1 year "paper" anniversary (together anniversary not wedding) - to commemorate all of our ridiculous and fun bike adventures while living for our first year together in the "land of bikes"

What kind of prints do you have hanging from your walls that make your house a home and reflect who you are?


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