July 13, 2011

Global Greats - My Dutch Peppermint Love Affair

Taking a break from my bar exam studying today, I had a conversation with one of my good friends who used to live in the Netherlands and now lives back in the states. 
It went a little something like this...

Shera: "I am so stressed out I  consuming un-godly amounts of chocolate"
Wonder Woman: "Me too"
Shera: "Oh not to mention I seriously ate almost an entire  bag of Wilhelmina Peppermints today."
Wonder Woman: "What are those?"
Shera: "What?! You never had them while you were here?
I'm bringing some back for you, assuming I don't eat them all on the plane."

I couldn't believe Wonder Woman hadn't tried these seriously addictive, amazing, and delicious Wilhelmina peppermints.  As soon as we stopped talking - I realized I couldn't let any of my blog readers possibly pass up the opportunity as well if you happened to live in or stop by the land of wooden shoes.  So I present to you one of the most delicious Dutch delights I know of...

The Wilhelmina Pepermunt

Yes - that is the bag I was literally gorging out of.  
Yes - as you can see the bag is well loved and almost empty, they are that good.  

They are like a can of Pringles, you can't stop popping them.  Everyone I've introduced them to (if they have some kind of liking to mint taste) has raved - co-workers, family, friends.  They are fresh, meaty, and soothing.  A great guilt free treat (as long as you don't binge like I did - I blame the bar).

Apparently "Wilhelmina Pepermunt"'s have been around a while - since 1842 to be exact.  

According to the confectioner Fortuin, who creates these delicious treats, they were named after the then 12 year old princess Wilhelmia - who later became the queen of the Netherlands.

After creating these goodies and presenting them to the Queen in 1896 - the company has since been the official "purveyor to Her Majesty the Queen" for three generations.  So you know they are tasty.

They make a delicious after dinner treat, the mint is good for digestion, and make your breath kissably sweet.

A bag (above) costs about 1.75 Euro and it costs around .89 Euro cents for a tube (above).
Euros well spent.  

I highly recommend trying them if you are in the Netherlands and bringing some home as a souvenir (and skipping the many varieties of licorice candy  - gack ).    You can find them in the candy section of pretty much any grocery store here, Albert Hein always has some in stock.  

Alternatively, if you have an "expat" or "import" market in the states see if you can find a pack - you won't be disappointed.

It's probably the greatest peppermint (that isn't paired with chocolate) on the globe!


TexaGermaNadian said...

These look great! Love me some pepperminty sweets. Might see if I can pick some up when I am back in Europe!

Anonymous said...

I'm Dutch (born and raised) but now live in the USA. I order these online (and I love licorice, but most people not born in The Netherlands hate them) so that I always have some!

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