July 14, 2011

Hola Espana & How We'll Save Money While We're There

I am so excited.

Not because I am taking the bar exam in two weeks.  Oh no, nothing exciting about that.

I am excited becasue my globetrotting, brilliant, science expert of a sister just got selected to sail from Turkey to Greece on an ocean expedition with the guy who discovered the Titanic in September!  How cool is that?!  (If you want to read more about her trip I'm sure she'll post on her new blog)

I'm also excited that she can take a week before heading to Turkey to meet me in one of my favorite countries in the world - SPAIN!  Oh Spain, the tinto verano, the sunshine, the olives, the jamon, the siestas, the gazpacho, the beaches, the flamenco, the warmth of the people - I love me some Spain.

Que Furete!

The hard part now becomes where do we go?



I lived in Seville for a summer and loved Andelucia (the region Malaga is located) I would love to go back. It is authentic Spain chock full of bull fights, lazy afternoon by the rio, beautiful fashion, and machismo to the extreme.  However,  I've heard wonderful things from any and all who have visited Barcelona.

Blog readers - which do you think we should visit?
Either way - we plan on staying in a vacation rental instead of a hotel.  They are wonderful alternatives that help you save money and let you feel more at home when you are exploring some corner of the world.  Not to mention you will save money on food costs by having the ability to prepare your own meals and you have an excuse to explore a foreign market - one of my favorite experiences.

Some of my favorite rental websites are:

These great sites have places for rent not only in Europe but in the U.S.ofA. and all over the world.  

Make sure you check out the reviews on a unit before renting and don't be hesitant to contact owners.

What travel tips do you have to save money when you are globetrotting?


Aaron M. Gipson said...

I think that if the choice were up to me, I would go with Ibiza with Barcelona coming up is a close second. And as far as saving money when I'm globetrotting, I always make sure to eat and places were only the locals go. It also serves the dual purpose of avoiding getting sick.

Talitha said...

Hi I found your blog through Hot Pink Combat Boots and love it :)
Malaga looks amazing, I wish I could just up and fly there for a holiday!

Am a new follower
Talitha xx


Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Can you visit all of them? To save money I try to limit how many meals I eat out. I have found great European hotel deals at www.booking.com

Your sister sounds cool and what an amazing opportunity! I'll check out her blog next.

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

i love love love barcelona and that definitely has my vote!

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