July 4, 2011

How To Speak Australian - Sports

Cross cultural marriages, like Slim and I's, are always full of fun and surprises.  For us one of these surprises is although our nations are similar in many ways - our vernacular isn't always similar.

It can be so different that at times I feel as though i am learning a completely new language.   This considered - Slim and I thought we would share with some of you readers "Aussie"-ism's so that when you travel to the amazing land of Oz' - you aren't like Dorothy... lost and looking for the yellow brick road of Aussie word understanding.

To start out the series a sports topic.

On Saturday we went to see one of these....
 What's that you ask?  "Australian Rules League Football" I would say as an American.
However  Slim would be quick to correct me..

"No love that isn't football - that is "footy."

You see - when I think of  "footy" I think of this....

image via

A sweet little foot loving and rubbing under the table - something like "footsie"  - but in a different tense.  However, don't be fooled into thinking you are going to go see some under the table foot gesture action if an Australian asks you to come see some "footy" with them.

Instead grab your sunscreen, sunglasses, and a cooler....

... because you will be in for a rousing treat of any of several types of "footy" games - depending on when and where you are in Oz'


Sara Louise said...

Cute! I think getting used to all the different words we use for things is half the fun of the cross - cultural marriage.... the fun never stops! :-)

The Expatriate said...

It is like an everyday adventure sometimes :)

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