July 9, 2011

Weekend Reflections Round Up

Want to participate in a great blog link up and share a story from your blog? 
Head over to this witty and fun blog, share yours, and find some new reads too!

The claws of death caught a mouse last night (no kidding!)... 
too bad it was a different one than we've been seeing (sick).
It was a quick death, I promise.

Love Postcards? You should join Michelle in this fun exchange.
(I already did!)

Traveling? Still need a place to stay? I love this website for great deals & places.

 Random...but Michelle Bachmann = Totally Insane. Wow.

Yoga fan's check out these hilraious mats.
Not your cup of tea? Some really cute mats here.

How sweet does this movie look?
I wonder if they'll run it in Holland.

I got the inspiration for this easy, healthy, & delicious recipe here.

These are incredibly easy to make and really delicious.
I suggest substituting blueberries for dried fruit.

I'll try to think of this and this the next time I reach for a cookie
and grab something much bigger and more fufuilling instead.

Having a bad day? Check out this crazy octomom  clip on the Today show.  
You'll feel better abut your day - I promise.

Finally, a little inspiration for the weekend for my female readers:


Miss K said...

The Expatriate, in reply to your comment about how we handled the bar at the wedding:
We had the entire wedding at my aunt/uncles so we hired a bartender (someone my cousin who is a bartender at a 5 star hotel works with), then we had a completely open bar- wine, beer, vodka, whisky, champagne, tequila, etc. Luckily, we know several people in the beverage industry and were able to get all of our alcohol for wholesale price. Then we just had two drinks that were featured as a bride/groom specialty. I hope I answered your question, let me know if there's anything else. Thank you for reading!!

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