July 8, 2011

What the &%$@ is That? Eierslaatje

When I was really little my momma "who voted for Obama" used to trick me into eating things I didn't want to by convincing me I wanted to become a member of "The Tasters Club"

I had no idea at the time that this "Club" didn't exist outside my very tired and creative mom's mind - but I did know that I wanted be part of the club, because as she attested to -  several other famous people and the president were members of this prestigious Club.  I didn't want to be left out.

Fast forward 22 years or so... and I've convinced Slim that we should start our own "Tasters Club" to make sure there aren't any foreign foods we could like but are unaware of because the foods look too "different" or too "weird" for our typical palate.

So to kick the "Tasters Club" into high gear I've convinced Slim (my unsuspecting victim) to take part in the blog by being a participant in the ...

"What the $%#& is That" Series

In these posts we will try food items that are totally foreign to us in an effort to "take one for the team" by joining the "Tasters Club" in an attempt find the hidden culinary gems across the globe for you wonderful readers.

First up - "Eierslaatje"
The Dutch really seem to have a serious love affair with mayonnaise.  

There are more mayonnaise concoctions at my local Albert Heine grocery store then I could ever dream up myself.  So the first post of the series will be one of those concoctions... a yellow one in fact.
This gem is in the refrigerated section of the grocery near a large array of similar, unidentifiable, mayonnaise combinations.  It comes in it's own little foil tin...

My first thoughts: What the %$#& is that? Egg salad? Potato salad? I had no idea what the word "Eier" meant in english - I was guessing "slaatje" meant a salad of some sort.

What is that green thing in the container?  Why are there what appears to be pickled carrots in the container?  This is something I wouldn't normally buy (not fresh fruit/veg, chocolate, or doughy).

First smell: Almost sour and egg like - and definitely like some seriously rich in lactose mayo.

Final Verdict: This stuff actually isn't that bad - it actually isn't that great either - but it didn't make me gag when I ate it so I'll have to give it that.

It tastes like a really mayonnaise-y, non-potato chunk, almost a bit sour version of a typical mustard base potato salad.

My family is of massive German stock - so potato salad is a staple at our family gatherings.  I think then maybe I have high potato salad standards (can you really even have potato salad standards?)... so for the potato salad eating novices who love mayonnaise - this Eierslaatje may serve as a great side to a burger at a cookout.

Upon further inspection through google translate it turns out Eierslaatje is "Egg Salad" dutch style.

 It's more of what us American's would think of a combo egg and potato salad.  Not much egg, not much potato but a lot of mustard and mayonnaise (with some pickles and pickled carrots mixed in).

I felt a little ill after only a few bites - but I am not a big mayonnaise person.  However, you could impress your friends who like mayonnaise by picking this up at the supermarket for a brown bagged lunch if are in Amsterdam as a tourist or are an expat living in Holland.

A little definitely goes a long way with this milky rich egg and potato lunch treat.  Also, the shovel means your utensils are included - no need for a fork (or spoon) to slurp down your Eierslaatje.


maikib said...

love the idea of a "taster's club!" i'm totally using this on my husband... and sharing it with my sis who has a particularly finicky little. :)

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh I was totally in the tasters club as a kid too! But that would take a lot for me to try- I am not a big mayo fan.

The Expatriate said...

It totally worked - my mom even would make up fake certificates on our old school, side hole paper, printer... for really gross stuff :)

PPC - I was really feeling a little ill from eating some of it later in the day, it's not going on the repeat eat list - I'll take a stroopwafel instead!

Megan said...

they are obsessed with mayo here too! and i never used to like it back in the day, but this past year i have grown to like it. thank goodness...right in time!

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