August 19, 2011

How Much to Tip When you Travel?

I came across this great post on, a money managing website, last night and had to share it with you all.  It addresses something I find my self asking over and over as I travel the globe . . . 

How much do I tip for good service?

While in Turkey last week my sister and I felt clueless on what amount was appropriate to show our appreciation for waiters, taxi/shuttle drivers, Turkish bath attendants and hotel house keeping.  

We didn't want to be "those foreigners" not respecting the tipping customs of the nations we were guests of - but didn't want to be "those foreigners" who were tipping ridiculously too much because service was included or tips weren't expected.

I was especially concerned having previously worked in the service industry, and understanding that tips are the lifeblood of a waitress/waiter or bartender in the U.S. with an hourly wage of only $2.30.  

I don't just run into this conundrum when I am out trekking the world - but I have the same problem when I visit home, back in the good ole' U.S.A. for any setting outside of a restaurant.

No worries - this guide addressees several industry standards in the U.S. a the bottom of the graphic!

(For a larger version of the image visit - here)

It's good to know that in the future I'll have a go to guide for pesky tipping questions! 

Do you all agree on's suggestions?  
Are there any modifications you suggest?


Lovely Light said...

In South Africa, it seems as though it is 10-15% depending on service, as it is in the USA. When we first moved here, we couldn't figure out when to tip because the waiters don't ask and the receipt didn't have a place for you to write it in. The waiters instead subtly say something like "this is your that all?" For things like "car guards"- people who watch you car while shopping or dining, R5 is the general rule.

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