August 25, 2011

Ikea-land - A Picture Story

There are many blissful moments as a newlywed - in fact I really love being Slims new wife.  It is the most favorite experience of my life. However, as newlyweds you have to sort out things when you are cohabiting.

One little sorting out discussion we've gotten into in our "honeymoon phase" is just how much closet space is necessary for a woman's wardrobe in a shared closet.

So, to end the disagreement and save my beautiful summer dresses from being shut away all winter in a dark, desolate, scary box - I decided to head here yesterday...

Slim and I  aren't sure how long we will be here in Holland, we don't want to spend a lot of money, and my arms will fall off if I try to carry something on public transit over 14 kilos (30 lbs).

Accordingly, after emailing back and forth Slim and I decided I would pick up one of these ...

The 30 Euro Bodo Disagreement Mediator

Plus, a pretty curtain for the front and whatever other goodies I thought we needed (hot dog!) while on my adventure today.

So I hoped on one of these...
Apparently I was one of the few, the proud, the Wednesday Ikea shoppers

And had a little of this processed, Swedish, goodness when I got there (shopping fuel - of course).
Why do I love meatballs so unnaturally much? Why in the Netherlands is Mayo and not Ketchup called fry sauce?
Did I eat it all? A lady never tells.

Then I wandered around the "Room Set-ups" for a while, this is what a "lady of leisure" does folks. 

I saw some really cute room "set-ups" and ideas I would love to implement when we have a house or apartment all our own that is not furnished in a tulip couch and orange curtains.
(photos of our own home furnishings to follow in a later post.
For now I'll leave you waiting for those with baited breath)

They had warm, inviting Pretend Living Rooms  at Ikea ...

What pretty lighting and storage around the TV

Pretty Kitchens...

Stainless and black cabinets? Yes Please!
Most of all I yearned to have bookshelves like these in a den of my very own one day...

Instead I settled for some picture frames, a new plate drying rack, towels, toothbrush holders, thongs for turning meat, a kitchen chopper and one of these...

That right there is a electronic meat thermometer - be still my beating heart and future pork roasts.

(Insert "you know you're getting old when..." comment here).

Unfortunately, although the website said they had the aforementioned item we wanted, Ikea Delft in fact did not.  They won't have this item in until at least Monday.  Additionally, apparently I can't call in and request home delivery for some reason I have to physically go in and tell them I want home delivery?

Wonderful (with sarcasm).
Good thing I forgot an item at the cash register in all my meatball excitement and have to go back to Ikea to retrieve it (after calling Ikea on a 1-900 number and waiting on hold for 5 minutes.  More on Dutch customer service and the use of 1-900/10cent a minute+normal phone charge calls later).

I will probably have to go back on a weekend next time - because I only have one more weekday of being a "lady of leisure" left - le sigh.  

The up side - that means I get to use Slim's muscles to carry more than 14 kilos of furniture, oh yeah!


travelkate said...

I LOVE Ikea when I don't have to go very often I get excited to visit! I have been a little too much recently, because I needed to purchase some hardware and this called for 3 separate trips, the good news is I discovered the meatballs. I had never really eaten at Ikea and now I'm hooked except they serve them here with mashed potatoes instead of fries-those fries look good :)

TexaGermaNadian said...

I am such an Ikea fan. Even saw that badboy there the other day and wanted it! Didn't need it, but still wanted it. And you can never pass up the cafeteria when you are there. It is a must. Glad your trip was somewhat successful!

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