August 30, 2011


That was the title of the email my sister sent me today with the clip to the documentary trailer in this blog post.

Her email said this.

"So Superman (her fiance) sent this to me. It made me realize that if we ever feel like we are having a tough day or feel as though life is unfair we need to open up this movie clip and watch it."

I thought what could it be? I rarely get emails like this from Wonder Woman, and I was so surprised at what I found through my tears.  Only a few minutes had me feeling so many emotions.

Sadness, shame - but the most beautiful emotion and part of this story is the adoration I felt for Vertus.

A man who underwent horrible atrocities, as a child, in the part of the nation that I am from and his beautiful, unbelievable capacity to forgive.    

It's a reminder that forgiveness truly is the ultimate example of human love and strength.
Also a reminder that America the Beautiful has some very ugly scars.  Scars that we must never forget so that things like what happened to Vertus never happen again.


Ross said...

Great post!I have seen this clip before and it is truly amazing! It reminds me that I have no right to hold any type of a grudge and that forgiveness really is the answer. Liking your site a lot!

Shera "The Expatriate" said...

Thanks so much Ross and thanks for stopping by! It really is amazing isn't it? I can't wait for the whole documentary to come out.

Any other good docs you recommend?

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