August 4, 2011

Luxe City Guides & Sorry for the Interruption!

Sorry for the long break in posting!  I was taking a massive two day exam and it crept up on me before I knew it.  So unfortunately the hours I usually spent enjoying blog posting got substituted with torturous studying.

Here's a crazy time photo of me my mom took incognito while I was studying that attests to the insanity in my life during the past few weeks.
Zombie face?

After the exam one of my sisters texted me saying she was so glad she could get  her non-"crazy haired red eyed" sister back.

But, as Slim says, "No Worries" I'm back in action with lots of upcoming travel goodies!

After some long deliberation, and after reading all your great suggestions - my sister and I decided we both must make it to Barcelona at some point in our lives, but for our August trip we are going to take on Istanbul, Turkey!

We are both really excited - and the trip's happening during Ramadan so our adventures should be chock full of post sunset festival celebrations (and word on the street is we will be getting lots of pre-sunrise drumming - so much for holiday sleep ins).

Do any of you have "must have" suggestions for Istanbul? Must sees, eats, or greats?

I read recently on a blog that these Luxe city guides are pretty awesome. Wonderful pointers, lots of wit and sass, not to mention they fit in your purse.  That's the kind of guide I love - so I ordered one. :)

At only 9.99 why wouldn't it make sense to grab one for your next trip?
They have guides for a ton of major cities around the world. 

Do any of you readers have a go to guide and if so where are you taking it this  summer? 


Talitha said...

I find guides can be great, but overwhelming with information! Plus also expensive >.<

I tend to go online and read reviews on websites like - and Plus expedia you can book accommodation (which I did for my Japan trip last year)

Im am jealous about Turkey. A couple of friends have been there and said it was amazing! And they have a silver market or something with heaps of gorgeous silver jewellery.

Talitha xx

Shera "The Expatriate" said...

Talitah I totally agree after using the Luxe guide I found it to have good info but confusing. I had no idea where all the suggested spots even were!

No worries we still found lots of great Jems we are going to share - and I totally took your advice and bought a great silver ring for a great price, thanks for the tip!

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