September 4, 2011

Weekend Day Trips - Sunshine, Dogs, Iced Coffee & Pride

This weekend Slim and I dog sat for one of our good friends beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback "Lucy." It was an oddly beautiful September day in the Netherlands - 75 Degrees F (24 C), sun and no crazy North Sea wind - a perfect day to walk a dog.

So we took Lucy out exploring the streets of the Netherlands, and knew that it was Pride week in The Hague so we headed there where we knew there would be lots going on!

If you visit Europe sometimes the best way to spend a day is just exploring, sitting in a park and having a picnic, or having a cafe or beer in a outside patio of a restaurant and people watching.

We got to wear our shorts for probably the second time this entire summer - and it's September, we couldn't believe it.  We were so excited that we ended up spending the entire day outside.

After walking for about an hour and a half - we stopped by Dendy.  It's a really tasty resturant on the street called the "Denneweg" (pronounced the Den-e-veg) in Den Haag.

I really recommend visiting this delicious restaurant for dinner.  It's one of our favorites.  You can get half plates and try all of their delicious fusion foods if you have a large group of people.  They also have great wine. :)  If we eat there again I will be sure to post lots of delicious food photos.

When we got to Dendy we weren't hungry because we had just had breakfast, so we decided on an iced coffee instead to cool off from our walk.  They were really delicious! 

Iced coffees here are not like iced coffees in the states where coffee, sugar, and milk is poured over ice cubes.  Instead the dutch iced coffees are made with espresso, slagroom, a splash of milk and ice that all gets blended together.

It tastes like a coffee flavored slushie -and is go-oo-od.  Slim sometimes will ask for ice cream to be added to his - so you can go either healthy or deliciously calorie hearty with your Dutch iced coffee.

They were so good that I forgot to take a picture before we slurped them both down!
We sat and watched all the action at the Pride festival while sipping our Iced Coffees and gave Lucy a walking break.

However, Slim was really surprised when he went to pay our bill and found out  our total was 13 Euros ($19.00 US Dollars)!  Iced coffees usually only cost 2.50 to 3 Euros.

There must have been some amazing slagroom in those iced coffees for them to be worth 6.50 Euro ($9.50 U.S. Dollars) a piece.  Next time we'll be sure to check the prices before letting our thirst and feet get the best of us.

It was a really fun scene at Pride with people dressed up, live music, and even the Holland police came out and showed their support by giving out gifts and shaking hands.

I love to see communities come together and support one another in events like Pride.

We kept walking for another hour and a half.  The day out was also a great way to explore the city and get some good cross training exercise for my upcoming half marathon.

Den Haag has some really pretty streets and canals, no matter where you walk or look downtown.

After walking we stopped by a park with some snacks, pillows and books and relaxed for an hour or two in the sunshine.  Lucy and Slim had a good "lie down" and I got through some chapters of my mind candy Anita Blake book 3 - Circus of the Damned.

I'm such a sucker for good, mindless, sci-fi fiction reads.  I blame it on the massive amount of reading I have to do for work - my brain needs a fun break.

We're beat today after an active Saturday full of sun and exploring!

So - while I blog Lucy and Slim are having "lie downs"- what a better way to spend the sabbath?

How did you spend your weekend? 
I hope it was relaxing and fun!


fabio_2007 said...

sounds like a great weekend

Megan said...

what an awesome little getaway! i have always wanted to visit den haag!!! and when there is a festival all places are worth visiting :)

glad you had a great weekend!

Book A Ferry to Holland said...

Great blog and great photos. Looks like a beautiful Autumn day still with lots of sunshine. Your dog looks a bit sad though. Good luck in your marathon!

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