February 19, 2012

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore . . .

Slim and I have been busy, busy bees - we're halfway in our move around the globe.  We're taking the "long way around" to get to New York, NY from The Netherlands, and are currently enjoying the February summer sun in Sydney, Australia.

Erroneously I thought I would have no problems keeping up with the blogging while attempting to ship 1/3 of our stuff to America, 1/3 to Australia and 1/3 with my dad from his visit.  Oh contrare.

Long story short - here I am no blog posts 2 months later.  Shame on me.

So much has gone on and so many great travel tips have been accumulated.

Poland, Germany, Paris, Australia - and I still haven't covered Istanbul (Not Constantinople)!

I will try to parcel them out to you in the upcoming weeks as things get back to normal.

For now I leave you with some  . . .

Kangaroo Fun Facts

1) I've seen more dead kangaroos on the side of the road then roaming in the wild.  To be honest the only ones I've seen in the wild were two in the "bush" quickly hopping by and a bunch at Reptile Park.

I highly suggest taking a day trip and visiting Reptile Park for some serious animal interaction if you are in Sydney - especially if you have kiddos.  I kept insisting it was our nephews who wanted to see the spider exhibit when it was really me wanting to pet a kangaroo.

Me feeding the roo's at Reptile Park

2)  The Australian coat of arms has an Emu and a Kangaroo on it - to be symbolic of the country always progressing.  Why?  Because neither animal can move backwards!
It seems to be working considering the Aussie dollar and US dollar exchange rate (1 Aussie dollar buys 1.07 US Dollar - oye vey).

3) Kangaroos rest during the hot Aussie days and are active late at night and in the evening.

4) There are 40 types of kangaroos.  The smallest are called "wallabies" and the biggest type is the Red Kangaroo.

5) Contrary to what I, in my naivety, thought - there are no kangaroos hoping around Sydney. The only kangaroos you will see are out in the country, the "bush" as Aussies refer to it.  Or at the Taronga Zoo.  I would suggest heading to the zoo rather than staking one out they are fast and shy in the wild.

Hope you all have a good "Arvo" (afternoon in Aussie) I'm going to "hop" off to catch some late rays at the beach.

I feel like I am in an alternate universe going to the beach in February.  A good alternate universe.

(Thanks koalaexpress.com.au for these fun Roo facts!)


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