March 9, 2012

Are you visiting Paris, France? You must eat at Verjus.

Bonjour blog readers!

Although Slim and I are in Sydney, Australia at the moment there were several great places we travelled to in between that deserve to a shout out on the blog and have been neglected.

One of the places we visited was Paris, France - a city I re-fell in love with during a week trip with Slim this past December.  Paris really is just corner after corner of amazing sights, sounds, eats and treats waiting to be discovered.  Each experience and trip there feels new and alive.

Todays post is dedicated to an amazing restaurant we visited for my birthday . . .

(formerly Hidden Kitchen).

Verjus is a restaurant owned by an American woman and her husband - a Frenchman.

It is a degustation style restaurant & it is literally incredible.  
The menus change seasonally.

Slim and I went with the 110 Euro, 6 course chef speciality menu - each course paired with wine (the wine pairings were included in the price per person) 

We opted for the optional cheese plate course.
 Why? Because it was my birthday and birthdays are special. But really because we are totally gluttonous when it comes to cheese, especially if that cheese comes from & is being eaten in France.

Verjus also offers a 6 course chefs menu without wine pairings for 70 Euros, a market four course menu for 55 Euro and don't worry both come with the option of adding a cheese plate.

Inside of Verjus in the dining room

I'll let the photos and descriptions below tell the story - but if you are in Paris I strongly recommend calling or emailing & making reservations for a dinner or stopping by for a drink and appetizer.

Or you can just stop by on a whim to the bar - where there are unique tapas like servings of food from 4 - 8 Euros, and yes you can get the cheese plate there as well!

Inside of the cozy Verjus basement winebar

Dining Room Hours: Mon - Fri, 7pm - 10pm
Bar Hours: Mon - Fri., 6pm - 11pm

NOTE: I unfortunately lost the menu from that night in our cross global move, so my description of the dishes do not do them justice and are kind of lame.  You can tell they are much more mouth watering and intricate than I can remember.  However,  if by some miracle of God I do find the menu during our unpacking I will definitely update the post.

In the mean time stop by the website for the current seasonal menu - and grab a towel because you may start drooling as you read the rest of this post.

DISCLAIMER: The cheese plate was so good that Slim and I ate it all before we realized we forgot to take a picture. Yes it was that good.  I suggest just going to get one yourself.

In anticipation of the delicious egg ravioli in front of me...
Homemade Ravioli with a whole egg (over-easy/dippy style) inside and delicious toppings! 

Fresh cooked prawns, with some kind of incredible sauce.
Me in a daze of deliciousness 

Salmon with brussel sprouts so good that even Slim ate them.

Palate cleansing cracker with toppings. Even the palate cleanser was delicious!

The most delicious veal meat balls ever - with again some kind of incredible topping

Slim and the true love of his life - pork belly.

Close up of the pork belly and amazing mushroom/other delicious adornments

Deep Chocolate Moose with something else delicious.

My best  we're tourists eating delicious delights in Paris face

Slims much better we're tourists eating delicious delights in Paris face


Bose said...

Thanks buddy! going to Paris next week and will meet Verjus !!Lisa Travelers

D said...

Mmm it looks delicious! Checking out Paris later this summer, will have to keep this in mind :)

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