January 27, 2013

NYC Eats - Taim - Middle East Tasty Treats

I convinced Slim that a home cooked dinner was not what Fridays are for. So braving the snowy cold last night we slipped into a newer neighborhood join - Taim, for a quick bite.

Taim means "tasty" in Hebrew and our dinner was more than tasty it was delicious!

We opted for the "Sabich" ( I'd never had it before! ) on the suggested white pita ( they have wheat as well)

These guys were incredibly helpful and super nice.

For $7.25 we got a pocket of joy oozing with ....

  • sliced eggplant, fried to order
  •  an organic egg
  • parsley
  •  hummus
  • israeli salad
  • pickled cabbage
  •  tahini sauce and 
  • amba (pickled mango-fenugreek chutney, not my sisters name in an Aussie accent as Slim pointed out)

Oh my lord was it good! The flavors were incredible.

I asked for “with everything” to add pickles, s’rug (traditional yemeni hot sauce with cilantro, chili and garlic and extra virgin olive oil) and amba sauces.

This is not my best food photo - but believe me it was incredibly good, and I ate it so fast I couldn't get another!

We grappled with ordering a side dish of Tabouli (traditional bulgur wheat salad mixed with freshly chopped parsley, cilantro, scallions, tomato and lemon-mint dressing) to share but we're glad we didn't. One pita more than satiated our hunger.

Although, the smoothies still getting consumed even in sub-zero weather definitely had me drooling.

Taim is a vegetarian joint (also gluten friendly lots & lots of vegan choices) but even my protein feen, pork lovin', meat eating husband felt full. I found out this wasn't his first rodeo at Taim and about his "take it to go" falafel eating habit while I was on a week long road trip this past December.
He will probably not be super happy with me for posting this less than stellar photo of him eating - but I had to get one of us in action.
We both give it a 5 out of 5 for a quick bite place - healthy, tasty, great atmosphere and service - you can't go wrong! Big thumbs up from us.

Plus, the owners of Taim also own a food truck you my be lucky enough to find while exploring the city, as well as fancy Balaboosta next door which I hear is amazing.

Shalom Taim!


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