February 4, 2013

Moto Lust

It's chilly, brisk, nippy ... no -  it's just downright freezing in New York right now.  

While the life sized sleeping bag coat I wear to stay warm does nothing for my style points, I still feel it's necessary to have warm and stylish footwear while tromping around the city. 

My current lust is for a new pair of hip, cute, and warm motorcycle boots.  Moto-boots are such a great accessory and give an edgy look to a basic a sweater, tee, or blouse.

They are also really versatile and  can be worn not only in the winter, but also in the fall and autumn with a cute pair of shorts and tights. 

I've noticed lots of New York women sporting them and pulling them off well with skinny jeans, spicing up but blending into the often mono-chromatic urban style that crowds the city streets.

Here are a few of my celeb-research favorites.

Kylie Minogue with a classic pair
via stylebistro.com

Super cute pair thats tighter and then flares at the top on Hilary Swank
via stylebistro.com

Agnes Dean wearing a looser version
via stylebistro.com

I love Julianne Hough's double buckle & lace up
 via stylebistro.com

Malin Ackerman in a cute pair layered pair
via stylebistro.com

The always stylish Nicky Hilton in a basic black
via stylebistro.com



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