February 1, 2013

Toot, Toot - Happy 100th Birthday NY Grand Central Station!

Ok, ok - a hokey title for a post I admit, but totally appropriate because it's Grand Central's 100th anniversary this Saturday!  I thought it appropriate to send electronic birthday wishes out because I walk through the halls of this building every day and night and am still amazed by its insanity & grandeur.

View from my commute

It's hard to imagine Grand Central was at one point almost demolished, or that the now beautiful ceiling was so black with pollution that you couldn't see any of the mural above.

The gorgeous ceiling of the central terminal

It's a definite must stop for your visit to NYC because:

1) It's free.
2) It's very New York.
3) It's presents a great photo opp background.
4) It's got lots of great restaurants to rest your feet and refresh at for a coffee or a bite to eat, as well as an awesome marketplace to stock up on edible souvenirs (hello delicious Halloumi cheese!).
5) There's an Apple Store (as well as a Mac and all sorts of other awesome vendor stores) in the terminal in case your I-phone needs a tune up.

Can you see the Apple illuminated blobs?
Let's not forget that train ticket prices can be really reasonable along the Atlantic coast. Especially to Connecticut and New Jersey, day trip!

Departure Times

Beautiful External Entrance 

Night view walking up to Grand Central from Madison

I think I'll get a cupcake tonight on my way home to celebrate. :)


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