May 20, 2013

Settling in Down Unda'

Slim and I have made the big hop over the pond to Oz' and are settling into our
"permanent for the very long foreseeable future" move.

While we'll miss my family and friends terribly, it's really nice being back at home with one part of our family, and the non-stop encouragement for visits will hopefully be fruitful.

While here we celebrated our two year anniversary, I feel so lucky to have found my perfect partner although we both had to travel 1/2 way around the world to meet in the middle.

It's amazing how comfortable and familiar Australia feels to me as an American, although still unique, beautiful and different.  I've already had a few laughable moments as I've started to adjust to life is "Oss-trail-eea" (like asking for a "doggie bag" after dinner - oh lord).

The swooping cockatoo's, parrots and screaming kookaburra's at 5AM usually bring me back to my "you're not in Kansas anymore" reality.

My nephews are in full swing with their "footy" it's so cute to see them play and I'm loving the sports hysteria of this great nation.  Here a are a few of my favorite weekend shots, a national sports star included.

Tatafu Polota-Nau of the New South Wales Waratah's Rugby team spending time giving back to the community and visiting the boy's at a rugby practice.   

There were many smiling faces that night - thanks Tatafu for making their season by coming out to practice!

 This is also the shining moment when I learned what a "hooker" is in the rugby sense of the word - ensuring it was not lost in translation again in the future....


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